4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Tiny House

4 Reasons to Consider Buying a Tiny House

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 10/28/19

Whether you’re looking to simplify your life, downsize your belongings, or minimize your carbon footprint, buying a tiny house could be the key. Here are four reasons to reconsider the size of your home


One of the most popular arguments for tiny house living is the smaller toll it takes on the environment. Whether you decide to create your dream home by constructing a tiny home to your liking or opt for a ready-made option, tiny houses often come uniquely equipped to reduce the financial and environmental costs of living.

This study from the state of Oregon concluded that 86% of a home’s environmental impact is related to its electricity usage, including heating and cooling. By condensing the size of a home, the size of carbon emissions becomes significantly smaller. Consider using solar panels to generate electricity through renewable resources to further implement green technology at home.

Creative Freedom

When you reduce your living space to under 500 square feet, design becomes increasingly important. Every nook and cranny of your new home needs to be both functional and fashionable. However, rather than restricting your creativity, this physical limitation encourages owners to think outside the box.

Rely on your personal lifestyle to construct a tiny home that feels like Washington, D.C. luxury real estate without the cumbersome size. Elements like lofted beds, kitchen skylights, and foldable desks maximize living space without overwhelming the small area. With a little imagination, each design element can thoughtfully reflect who you are and what you want out of life without confining your aesthetic vision.

Minimalism Helps Mentality

If you have ever done a deep spring clean or taken the KonMari method to your closet, you’ll know the distinctly refreshing joy of a clean home. With a smaller home footprint, you’ll spend less time fretting over messes and more time doing things you love. A tidy home will come more easily, and a clearer mind can rekindle your passion and enthusiasm for your hobbies. Creative thinkers like Cornelia Funke, a bestselling author who helped design this tiny home so that she could retreat to the wilderness and rediscover her muse, know the benefits of solace from the upkeep demanded by a large-scale home.

Additionally, while it often takes a sizable upheaval of belongings to initially begin a more minimalist lifestyle, pruning back your belongings to fit in your new home means tiny house owners will be less likely to make unnecessary purchases. Not only does this promote freedom from material things, but it also cuts back on waste production.

Reunite with Nature

Tiny houses can be a great way to reconnect with your roots by spending more time in nature. The smaller square footage naturally encourages residents to venture outdoors. Some tiny houses are built on wheels and are able to be towed, giving owners the freedom to travel as they please without leaving behind the comforts of home. Plus, because of the innate efficiency of tiny homes, it isn’t uncommon for these homeowners to develop a rich relationship with the earth and understand both their dependence on the land and their responsibility to its preservation.

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