5 Amenities Today’s Luxury Home Buyers Can’t Live Without

5 Amenities Today’s Luxury Home Buyers Can’t Live Without

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 03/18/19

Let’s Explore this year’s must-have Features Luxury Home Buyers Love. 

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to ultra-luxe homes. From infinity pools to recessed living rooms, properties with prime features are highly sought-after commodities--the more glamorous, the better. 

In today’s world, luxury homes are more extravagant than ever. Rare accents of the past are now commonplace in high-end neighborhoods. Buyers are looking for the most lavish amenities creatively embedded in their five-star homes to stand out amongst the rest and make a bold statement. 

Here are the top extravagant features luxury home buyers are looking for in 2019.

Blending the Indoors and Outdoors

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are all the rage this year. What better way to show off the gorgeous views and sprawling land than by opening up your home? Luxury buyers are looking for a home designed to fit their lifestyle goals, many of which include spending leisurely time outside. 

It’s common to see decked-out seating areas with magnificent furniture sets outside. Dining rooms, kitchens, cabanas, and bathrooms are other rooms that are being set out in the open.

Skylights and spanning glass windows accompany this trend to further emphasize the blending of space.

Wine Rooms

Say goodbye to old, dark wine cellars and welcome this chic new twist on a classic amenity. Super stylish wine rooms are incredibly popular right now. High-end buyers are looking for homes with a built-in space to show off their rare and expensive wine bottles that also double as a tasting room to entertain guests. 

These rooms are the perfect places to sip, lounge, and chat in a comfortable and opulent environment.


Privacy is one of the most basic requirements for today’s luxury shoppers. Safety and seclusion are top priorities that every top-rated home needs to have. Walled plots of land, large iron gates, and tree-lined properties are all stylish ways of saying, “Keep out.”

At Home Spa

Why not make every day spa day? Having a home with a private spa is becoming increasingly popular in the luxury home scene. More than anything, buyers are seeking homes that have specialized areas that fit their favorite activities. 

These spas include saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and massage rooms. Fully stocked gyms, yoga studios, and sporting courts are other built-in features luxury shoppers are going crazy for.

Latest Tech Features

More and more homes are being programmed with the latest luxury technology. State-of-the-art features exude excellence, making life more convenient than ever. Personal automation systems that control temperature, windows, doors, water, and even background music are taking the real estate world by storm.

As the standards keep rising, properties are continually upgrading to become the dream homes of luxury shoppers.  

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