5 Beaches Off the Beaten Path

5 Beaches Off the Beaten Path

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 08/7/18

For DC locals, a day at the beach is often associated with East Coast crowds and limited towel space, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In order to help DC beach-goers avoid the summer chaos at the most popular Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Virginia beach destinations, here’s a list of 5 beaches off the beaten path that are sure to offer a more secluded experience.

1.) Hart-Miller Island State Park

Only accessible by private boat, Hart-Miller Island State Park on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is sure to draw fewer people than other, more easily accessible beaches in the area. With a 3,000 foot long sandy beach, great swimming and opportunities for camping, Hart-Miller Island State Park is definitely a well-kept local secret and is surely worth a visit, if possible. 

Time to Destination: Over 1 hour by car, not including sea travel.

2.) Tower Beach

Located at the south end of Delaware Seashore State Park, Tower Beach features two WWII towers, in addition to a concession stand, umbrella rental facility, and handicap accessible beach amenities. Although this beach still draws a crowd, the State Park Entrance Fee does help keep visitor numbers at bayTower Beach continues to be outside of the traditional circuit of DC beach-goers offering a more local scene for those looking to get offbeat yet still enjoy a bustling beach environment. 

Time to Destination: About 2 hours and 30 minutes by car. 

3.) Grandview Nature Preserve

Sitting on Virginia’s border of the Chesapeake Bay, Grandview Nature Preserve is a secluded and serene beach, which requires visitors to walk down a gravel path that borders salt marshes and wetlands in order to reach the sand. With 475 acres of beach, Grandview Nature Preserve is an ideal place to beach comb, sunbathe, bird watch, and enjoy local canoeing or hiking in the wetlands. 

Time to Destination: About 3 hours by car. 

4.) Stone Harbor Point

Stone Harbor, in New Jersey is typically known for its posh stores and large estates, but the beach on Stone Harbor Point is worlds away from that life. Known for its top-tier bird watching, sand dunes, wetlands, tide pools, and for having the last bayberry thicket in the state, Stone Harbor Point is an ideal place to spend an afternoon sunbathing or to walk seaside through the meandering sand dune path. 

Time to Destination: About 3 hours and 30 minutes by car. 

5.) Lynnhaven Beach

Lynnhaven Beach is a favorite spot amongst Virginia locals who are looking to spend a day at the beach, away from the crowds. This beach features four cement boat launches, and calm waters making it perfect for those looking to take their boat out on the water, or for families interested in swimming with young children. Plus, the beach also has its own pedestrian walkway that leads back to Ocean Park. 

Time to Destination: About 3 hours by car. 

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