5 Fun Activities in Washington, D.C.

5 Fun Activities in Washington, D.C.

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 07/26/19

Washington, D.C. is packed with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Explore five of our favorites!

Washington, D.C. International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is the worlds largest espionage museum and it is an incredible place to take the whole family! The museum contains the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever displayed to the public. There are many different activities to partake in such as stepping into the shoes of a spy and testing your spy skills through interactive technology. This museum is the only place in the world that provides a global perspective on the role of intelligence throughout history.

United States Capitol Tour

The United States Capitol is an incredibly significant landmark that is packed with history. It is a great place to visit with the family! The capitol is one of the most significant symbols of representative democracy in the world. There are many different options when visiting the capitol. These include a 45-minute Capitol tour, visiting the Exhibition Hall and watching Congress in session!

National Museum of African American History and Culture Tour

The National Museum of African American History is devoted solely to the documentation of African American history, culture and life. It is the newest museum of the Smithsonian Institution and it is definitely worth a visit. The museum allows for the exploration of history through interactive exhibitions, the delivery of stories from global influences, and the collaboration of audiences around the world.

Washington D.C. Duck Tour

Washington D.C. Duck Tours are unlike any other tour, as they incorporate land and water routes that transport you to the most exhilarating Washington, D.C. attractions. Some of these attractions include the various malls, monuments and museums around the city. After the ride around the city, the tour continues to the Potomac River for a river cruise. This tour is packed with historical information and intriguing facts about Washington, D.C.!

Washington D.C. Newseum

The Newseum aims to inform the public about the importance of free press, the history of news and how the First Amendment impacts our lives. This museum is considered one of the most interactive museums in the world, making it a great place for the entire family to visit! The Newseum has seven levels which include exhibits such as the 9/11 Gallery and the Berlin Wall Gallery.

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