5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Cleveland Park

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home in Cleveland Park

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 01/21/19

Welcome to Cleveland Park, where enchanting homes meet urban affluence.

A neighborhood nestled in lush greenery, Cleveland Park is a quaint residential area located in northwest Washington, D.C. Filled with late 19th century homes designed in the delightful Queen Anne style, this area perfectly blends a cozy small town with a historic metropolis.
Looking to buy a home in Cleveland Park? Here are 5 things to consider before settling down.

What is Your Ideal Real Estate Option?

First things first, you should consider exactly what type of living space best suits your lifestyle goals. Cleveland Park is filled with a mix of iconic styles, presenting many options. Beautiful single-family homes modeled in the Baroque style are equipped with sprawling porches and yards. Apartment complexes built in the Tudor Revival style are reminiscent of medieval England with steeping pitch roofs and gables. Condominiums evoke the days of old grandeur with lavish lobbies and extravagant ballrooms. Every choice embraces the palatial essence of the neighborhood.

What Does Your Commute Look Like?

Getting where you need to go is easy and enjoyable while traveling on tree-canopied roads. A convenient metro grants a stress-free trip for those officially working in Washington. Traveling by car ranges an average commute of about 15 minutes. An array of wonderful schools are all located within one or two miles of the central neighborhood, so you’ll always have a quick and conducive travel experience. 

Do You Want to Live in a Historic District?

As with all official historic regions, it’s important to preserve significant property. Homes in Cleveland Park are a national treasure, standing as monuments of an earlier eon. In order to maintain tradition, there are boards of approval which need to review any alterations to historic properties. 

Cleveland Park’s official preservative committees are Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C and the Cleveland Park Historical Society's ARC. These preservative review teams focus on arriving at functional design solutions while still allowing owners to adopt modern amenities. 

Do You Understand the Local Neighborhood Association?

When you reside here, you’ll be sincerely tended to by Cleveland Park’s proficient organizational team. The operative union makes sure everything is functioning at its very best potential. Actively engaged in many communal events, the local neighborhood association tends to all comforts and necessities. Cleveland Park is grounded in a strong sense of kinship and dignity, and neighbors come together in an ambiance of peaceful serenity.

Are You Ready for a Flourishing Night-Life?

Blossoming with retail, restaurants, and recreation, locals adore spending time along the commercial strip. Everything you need to enjoy for a wonderful night out is only minutes away from home. Check out our favorite spots like NERO and Bar Charley. The downtown area caters to your every whim!

If you're interested in the picturesque neighborhood of Cleveland Park, contact us today! We would love to help you on your journey.

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