A Shift in Bike Sharing

A Shift in Bike Sharing

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 09/17/18

Bewegen Strives to Reinvent Bike Sharing From the Pedals Up

Bewegen is a Dutch word meaning to move, to exercise, to shift. The Bewegen bike sharing system is living up to its namesake—giving the bike share experience to a user-friendly facelift from the bikes to the apps to the programs themselves. 

The bikes are in use in Quebec, Europe (including working on the UK’s first cross-regional program), in the US in Utah and Richmond, VA and soon in the more cities such as Raleigh and Columbia, SC. In some communities Bewegen just provides the bikes with their onboard smart-screens and in others it implements a complete system, that gets better and learns from its usage.

The Bewegen bike sharing system uses creative design to build bikes that use an electric-assist technology called Pedelec that is fully sealed inside the sturdy frame. The goal is for users to have fun while biking, not struggle to make it up a hill. Bikes travel up to 60 miles on a single charge and can carry up to 55 lbs of cargo. Bewegen allows users to pick-up and return their bikes anywhere with the dockless system (there are also doc-based and hybrid implementations), with the app using GPS to pinpoint the closest bike. Another innovative aspect to the app is that you use it to unlock your bike, so you’ll be able to hop on without hassle. 

The complete Bewegen system is all electric, all the time. That means you’ll never break a sweat, no matter where you’re biking (though some programs supplement Beregan bikes with non-electric ones). Also, Bewegen bikes have a digital screen that tracks your speed and distance, so you always know your trip status. You can even customize the audio on your bell. The share system is always collecting data on usage of the fleet, so communities can move rapidly to better serve riders.

Bewegen combines creative technology, user-friendly initiatives, and accessibility for a leading bike share system. The system connects entire communities through alternative transportation and it really gets people moving in smarter and tech savvier ways than ever before. 

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