Get Your Home & Lawn Ready For Fall

Get Your Home & Lawn Ready For Fall

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 09/12/18

In the middle of summer, all that sunshine and heat can wreak havoc on your home and lawn. But summer doesn’t last forever, and you’re now feeling the cooler winds that signal autumn is finally here. Before you start enjoying apple picking, football, and Halloween, you need to spend a little time on some maintenance.

That’s because fall and winter in Maryland can be even harder on your home and lawn. By spending a little time and energy now, you can make sure both get through to spring intact. To start, you need to worry about your grass and outdoor plants.

End-Of-Summer Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn doesn’t completely die each winter. That’s why providing some lawn care before fall gets too cold is a great idea. This way, your lawn and garden will start looking great again in early spring.

Bayer Advanced offers a list of late-summer lawn care tips perfect for right now. Some of these include:

● Get rid of weeds now so they cannot grow deeper roots in fall or late winter.
● Sharpen your mower’s blade and keep cutting the grass.
● Use some fall fertilizer on your lawn and any outdoor plants.
● Seed your lawn, and be sure to water regularly so the seeds can grow before the cold hits.
● Either rake the leaves regularly or use your mower to vacuum them up into a catch bag.

Fall is actually a great time for planting the right kind. Better Homes & Gardens explains some plant types that are great for fall planting are pansies, hardy mums, carrots, and perennials. You can also plan ahead by planting spring-blooming bulbs now. This lets them grow a bit before falling dormant so they really pop come spring.

Preparing The Outside Of  Your Home

While you want a great-looking lawn for the warmer months, your home is more important. Not only is it the single biggest investment you have, it’s where your family lives. That’s why it pays to go through some fall home maintenance before it gets too cold outside.

House Logic has a great fall maintenance checklist to help you know what needs to be done. For example:

● Store your lawnmower and any outdoor furniture where the rain and snow cannot cover them.
● Likewise, put away any sprinklers or hoses so they don’t freeze and get damaged.
● Look for any cracks around your windows and doors, and seal any you find with caulk.
● If it has been awhile, hire someone to inspect your roof and chimney.
● Fill in any cracks in paved driveways and paths so they don’t grow over time.

You should also look into getting your gutters cleaned. With everything falling from trees over fall, it’s not hard for them to get clogged or damaged. This means water from fall rain and winter snow melts can ruin your home’s foundation. If you decide to hire a professional, HomeAdvisor estimates the average cost to have gutters and downspouts cleaned in Chevy Chase, MD is $100 - $168.

Staying Warm This Season

When you’re done taking care of the outside, you will want to start on the inside. The weather in Maryland can be nasty, so you need to make sure your home will keep warm. It’s important to get your furnace cleaned and serviced by a professional to ensure your family enjoys heat when they need it the most. You’ll also need to insulate your pipes so they don’t freeze as well.

Stay Cozy This Fall

Maryland’s fall and winter can be hard on your home, which is why it pays to get some maintenance in before things get too cold. Prepare your lawn, clean out your gutters, and get your furnace serviced by an HVAC professional. Your family will thank you when it stays cozy and warm all season long.

Written by Natalie Jones

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