Jill Schwartz of RLAH Real Estate is Realtor to NBA Players

Jill Schwartz of RLAH Real Estate is Realtor to NBA Players

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 11/11/19
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jill Schwartz of RLAH Real Estate has a long-standing relationship with NBA Players and especially the Washington Wizards in their real estate dealings. These transactions require confidentiality as it’s best for her professional athlete clients and their families to remain out of the media. The Washington Post published an article this month referencing the house-hunting stories of the National Basketball Association’s Washington Wizards. Jill Schwartz was responsible for brokering several of these deals.

“While we have a handful of agents who represent professional athletes and celebrities, Jill has excelled in this niche with her professionalism, confidentiality and experience with the higher-end market. This affluent clientele often doesn't receive the service they need and in many cases they require even more help than the average home buyer or seller,” says Justin Levitch, President of RLAH Real Estate.

Top considerations are clientele privacy as a top policy, all-in customer service and an understanding of the influence of the client’s “personal team” (Lawyers, business managers, personal assistants, family members). This has been a recipe for success that Jill and RLAH hope translates from real estate transactions to the actual game that these professional athletes play.

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