Tiny House, Big Trend: Will it Stick Around?

Tiny House, Big Trend: Will it Stick Around?

  • Jill Schwartz
  • 12/21/18

Tiny Houses are dominating the market as the newest creative style of living.

The tiny house movement is more than just a stylistic fad--it’s a strong architectural and social campaign. This lifestyle of innovative minimalism has gained popularity with many people choosing to reject excess. The allure of stylized simplicity is apparent in modernism but gets elevated to a whole new level with tiny houses. By downsizing living spaces, this alternative embodies the essence of ‘less is more.’

Tiny houses are generally defined as residences falling under 400 square feet, either on wheels or set upon a foundation. They come in all shapes and design forms—every one inspired by simplicity. Here are just a few things you should know about the movement: 

1. Owners are Often Financially Savvy

Mini homes create a great opportunity for saving money. Compared to traditional housing, the purchase cost or rental fee can be drastically lower. Maintenance and utilities are also incredibly affordable. Working to be more environmentally friendly? This option is great for you, creating far less waste than conventional living! 

2. You Can Express Your Creativity 

With tiny homes, you have the power to easily design your own space. With the help of an experienced tiny-house builder, your dreams can come true! Tiny house kits are also available, so you can easily assemble the structure yourself. The design capacity is endless. With mini houses, every inch matters. Check out some of my favorite tricks to achieve the best design in minimal spacing. 

An appealing part of this lifestyle is the endless freedom. A small home is a portable home, allowing for a change of scenery as desired. Many homes are equipped with wheels, meaning you can always explore new possibilities. Even wheel-less models are so light, moving them isn’t a problem. The world becomes your backyard! Make life your vacation. Maybe you’ll even spend a few days exploring DC’s nearby secluded beaches.

4. You Might Want an Agent’s Help 

Let’s be honest, this is new terrain—even for experienced home buyers. With such a big jump into the unknown, it's important to have consulting support. Having an agent on your side ensures legitimacy, safety, quality, and total satisfaction. Some communities have started to place restrictions within building codes that prevent tiny homes from being constructed in certain areas, so it’s always wise to partner with an agent who has experience in this area. 

5. They’re a Good Long-Term Investment

When it's time to retire your tiny abode, don't worry about it! Whether you choose to sell or rent your tiny home (or turn it into a quaint bed and breakfast), the market for these properties is only getting hotter. 

6. We Think They’re a Trend Here to Stay 

Tiny houses can help you build a beautiful and unique life. Going beyond a mere fad, tiny homes are a functional and eco-friendly alternative lifestyle. An entire subculture has been born from it! 

Start your tiny house journey today. Contact our agency for more information.

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